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Are Conference Calls An Unnatural Way To Communicate?

If you could see a conference call conducted without technology in a real life scenario, how would it be? Here is a short video highlighting this experience.

I hope we agree, in a real life face-to-face meeting the methods of communication used during a conference call would be a dysfunctional and unnatural way to communicate, but this doesn’t mean technology is unnatural or dysfunctional, it’s how we use it that’s important, In fact, technology can be used in a wide range of real life situations, there is a time and place for all things, including a natural environment for technology, but definitely not at the dinner table in my opinion :)

Technology is a great asset which will expand our potential as a race and enable us to be in multiple places, managing multiple tasks, at any one time, especially unified communications, it's time to tear down the limitations of an office environment and claim your freedom to roam.

Thankfully the days of the mandatory chain and ball working environment, having to be stuck at the office desk without the flexibility of travel, whilst managing a hoard of paperwork are long behind us! now it’s a choice, and for others it’s about learning how to embrace and understand technology in a way that is beneficial to their life’s and business needs.

With the era of cognitive computing beginning too, it’s just a matter of time before we can delegate a majority of our work tasks to the slave race of computers, giving you more time to commit to other business ventures or leisure time, such as taking a stroll, working on your tan or spending more time with your family, which is priceless.

Although the cognitive era is just a green stem implementation now, this gives us more of a reason to be proactive at becoming mobile friendly or pro flexi-working, not only will this improve your business and reduce overhead costs, it will also keep your finger on the pulse and inline with technological advancements, your employees work and life balance will be vastly improved too, happy workers are productive workers.

So what are the benefits of unified communications in a natural environment and how can you embrace this to suit your business needs?

Here are some key business objectives and business benefits of unified communications:

Business objectives

  • Provide consistent, high quality communication tools, anywhere

  • Reduce the number of offices through remote working or hot desking

  • Enable geographic business expansion without the need for new offices

  • Improve productivity of teams spread across multiple locations

  • Implement flexible working or remote working practices

  • Utilise Unified Communications as part of a robust business continuity plan

Business benefits

  • Reduced telecommunication costs by making phone

  • A more agile and productive workforce

  • Greater collaboration, leading to improved decision making

  • A motivated workforce with a better work/life balance

  • Reduced capital investment, business operations and travel costs

  • Optimised infrastructure with greater flexibility and easier to manage

How we can help?

Our unique approach includes everything from assessing your existing network readiness to planning the deployment roadmap for your new UC solution. We design, configure and install best-fit solutions based on the demands of the user and the business as a whole.

Our vendor-agnostic approach means we are able to recommend the right combination of communications and network technology from the world’s leading vendors (Cisco, HP, Avaya, Mitel, Microsoft, Blackberry, Nokia, Vodafone and EE) to deliver all the benefits of a truly unified solution.

Audio conferencing: Desk-based and room-based, high definition voice.

Video conferencing: Desk-based and meeting room-based, high definition video for a near face-to-face experience.

Collaboration: Enable individuals to share and update documents simultaneously, or at different times from different locations.

Presence and instant messaging: Enable employees to check real-time availability of colleagues and route calls accordingly.

Mobile unified communications: Extend your UC capabilities across mobile devices.

Embrace the freedom and benefits of unified communications, call us today and speak to one of our communications experts, make the world, your office. 0333 405 0200

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