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Don't Bin IT... Shuffle IT

So, Christmas is over and you are back at your desk with the shiny new machines that Santa brought you, and a head full of New Year’s Resolutions about productivity and workflow. There is also that small nagging thought at the back of your mind about being more environmentally friendly and recycling more (and trying not to look at the boxes in the corner with the old computers already gathering dust).

In an age where cyber security is always on your mind, how do you get rid of those machines that may still hold sensitive information about your company? How do you know what will happen to those old machines when they leave your offices? What are your legal responsibilities?

Why not start by giving Shuffle IT a call!

Shuffle IT offer a free collection and recycling service for all of your old computer hardware. Our service includes:-

  • Free collection of old or redundant computer hardware.

  • Using Blancoo (global market leaders in data erasure software), we will erase and destroy your sensitive data.

  • If we can salvage parts these will be donated to a third world charity.

  • Full compliance with WEEE directive.

  • Inventory Report

  • Certificate of safe disposal

You don’t even need to be a direct customer to access this service, and you can be confident that every aspect of your disposal has been handled professionally. You can then go back to the important tasks such as productivity and workflow, knowing your ‘recycling more’ New Years resolution is still in tact!

Give us a call today, and see how we can help on 0333 405 0200.

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